How The Auction Works

If you have an item you wish to sell through Traders auction group, contact us to arrange a collection (at your own cost) or drop off your item/s at one of our branches. We will photograph and catalogue your items and it will be made available for viewing along with all the other lots, at our premises and online approximately 5-14 days before the start date of the specific auction. You will have signed and received a copy of a contract, agreeing to pay the auction house a percentage of the selling price, and you’ll have had the option of putting a reserve on the item – a price under which you’re not willing to sell.

The auction will be conducted by the auctioneer live on-site and/or live online on our bidding platform. Once the sale is complete, you’ll receive a statement for the price of the sale minus our commission. Auction sales are paid out 7-14 days after receiving your statement.

Why Use Traders Auction Group?

If you have a valuable item – a good antique or a work of art, vehicles, property, household items or closing down your business – TAG can connect you with competent buyers who will pay good prices for what you have to sell. Our reputation attracts buyers nationally and internationally, so the possibility for a satisfactory result on your item increases.

Furthermore, the possibility of any financial misunderstandings between you and a private buyer are substantially reduced, since we handle the finances. Even though you pay commission (to have an auction house handle your goods), all that is required from you is to contact us and/or drop off your items. For buyers, there are benefits, as well. You can take solace in the fact that your bidding items are of quality (as a general rule), and in the event of valuable goods with a strong provenance. The auction is administered in an impartial manner, and you’ll have an ample amount of time to inspect the items beforehand.”